Slide Show Tool for Just-in-Time Training

One of the classic problems of quality training has been the lag between training and action. It doesn't work to sheepdip an employee in quality management theory, and then have six months go by before he is involved in a process improvement project. Everyone, and especially adults, are impatient with learning something that they don't see themselves using right away. Plus, the half-life of knowledge is very short, unless it is cemented by being used. PathMaker doesn't stop at tools. It also teaches, combining learning with doing.

Embedded in the software are 32 slide shows which provide just-in-time training on a wide variety of subjects, covering everything from the basics of quality improvement and teamwork to how to use each tool. Any slide show may be added to the project pathway, and launched from there. The most relevant slide show to your active window can be launched right from the toolbar, for instant training.

You can move through any slide show at your own pace and exit at any time. If you have your own training slide shows which were constructed in PowerPoint or another presentation package, you can easily add them to your pathway, too, and use them in much the same way.