December 2019

Word Gets Around... We've just gotten a contract to build a conference/membership system for the Northern Finance Association (NFA). The NFA is a Canada-based network of finance professors and people from related industries. They were using some frustrating conference and membership management systems, and... the word on the street was that the WFA had a new system that they really liked. So... the people from NFA talked to the people from WFA, and SkyMark got the nod, and we're building a system for NFA right now, on a fast-track for January use.

November 2019

A Record Year for a Client. We've built and extended a web-based conference/membership system for the Western Finance Association. Supported by our latest improvements, the association just set a new record for paper submissions, and its operations management people have remarked on a smoother-than-ever-before process.

March 2019

SkyMark has worked closely with the American Finance Association (AFA) over the past few months to study and evaluate their website and its related technology infrastructure. The primary goal of this analysis was to construct a set of recommendations that would result in an improved website experience for Journal of Finance readers, and for AFA members, and a more flexible and effective administrative UI for AFA staff. After the analysis was complete and the recommendations were delivered, the AFA chose to hire SkyMark's web development team to carry out the key recommendations. SkyMark got to work right away designing and building a new website for the AFA. The new site was set up to seamlessly integrate with their membership management system and provided authenticated access to the Journal of Finance online, via their publisher's website. The new site was launched successfully and smoothly on 3/19!

September 2018

Brother's Brother Foundation is a medical/humanitarian supplies, re-use, and re-distribution organization based in Pittsburgh. SkyMark has provided a purpose-built inventory system since 2014, supporting BBF's growth and expansion to new locations. It's a cloud based system, and uses a Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack. One of BBF's challenges is how best to allocate inventory to places in need. It's essential for BBF staffers to be able to offer items to a potential recipient, and hold that offer until the recipient can come back with a request for the quantities needed. SkyMark has recently been working with BBF to build an enhanced allocation system that BBF can use to readily make offers, match requests, and keep products moving towards the places with the most pressing needs.

August 2018

SkyMark has received a contract to work with the prestigious American Finance Association, consulting on IT-related matters. Like many professional associations, the AFA is lightly staffed, and yet works with a fairly complex set of information systems relating to publishing a top-ranked finance journal, running conferences, and providing member services. How can the the AFA keep doing what it needs to do, with the highest quality results and efficient operations? SkyMark is bringing its process improvement expertise to bear on that question.

July 2018

The big Bible study site we've been building for the non-profit New Christian Bible Study has shown rapid traffic growth, topping 200,000 visits per month, and averaging almost 90% growth per year for the past 4 years. It's driven by a Linux/Apache/PostgreSQL/PHP/Symfony stack, and is presented in 12 UI languages.

June 2018

We built a new website for The Cole Foundation, a small non-profit which promotes scholarly research around the cross section of religion and culture. It is a simple site, built with SquareSpace, that acts as their organiztion's calling card and is easy for them to keep up-to-date.

May 2018

In April, we got a contract to rescue a website for the new Multi-Sensory Institute at PNCS, a private school in Pittsburgh. This was a classic case of a WordPress site whose graphic design had some good elements, but its problems under the hood were crippling. WordPress is a very capable platform, but it's fairly easy to get in trouble with it. SkyMark was able to use its WordPress experience to get the site sorted out pretty quickly. So, now, if you happen to live in Pittsburgh, and you're searching for a school that focuses on teaching kids with dyslexia -- you'll find PNCS/MSI on the first page of results, and you can browse a nice site.

November 2017

The conference management system that we build for WFA powered them to a record-breaking year for both the number of papers submitted, and the number of attendees. We've continued to automate key steps in their process.

July 2017

Conference Management System - Our conference management framework has raised the bar again. Conference programs, mobile conference apps, and name tags are now all easy to create, or update, with the click of a button. The Western Finance Association, a global network of finance professors, economists, bankers, and policy-makers, just used our system to run their large annual conference last week. It went off without a hitch.

June 2017

CRM Migrations - SkyMark's team includes some engineers with a lot of experience. This comes in handy, when clients need help migrating old data to new platforms. We've recently helped several companies move their data from old homegrown CRM systems to Salesforce.

May 2017

Document Management and API - We recently teamed up with Digital Wave to make a document management system for a network of churches and schools. The system allows teachers, ministers, and others to publish curricula, lessons, articles, media, and more. SkyMark was able to deliver a low-cost, fast-delivery system built using elements of from its existing document management frameworks. SkyMark's deliverables included a database, an administrative system with user interface, document search capabilities, and an API.

March 2017

We deployed a website for The Lord's New Church, a Christian denomination with congregations in six countries. The work involved a substantial overhaul of an older site. We used Weebly for this project; it's a good fit for this situation. Weebly offers ease of use for site administrators, while still allowing for substantial customization.

January 2017

Flowmeter Configurator - For many years, the Varea-Meter® variable area flow meter made by UGSI Chemical Feed have been providing reliable readout, transmission, and control of liquids or gases for most industrial process applications. There's a lot of engineering that goes into flow meters, and customers need just the right options for their situation - the appropriate meter for their particular fluid or gas, temperature range, pressure range, viscosity, flow rate, pipe connections, and monitoring methods. It's complicated! But the new online configurator that we've built for UGSI Chemical Feed makes it a lot easier and faster for customers to choose and order the best meters for the job, and to get quick consults from application engineers. It's a web-based system that can be used by customers and distributors, at their desks or out in the plant or refinery. The system embeds the broad expertise of UGSI Chemical Feed engineers, and is designed to support the growing product line, and specialty applications.

December 2016

Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF) is one of the top-rated charities in America. It accepts donations of surplus medical and humanitarian supplies, and sends them to the many places in the world where they are badly needed. It's a great purpose! SkyMark has built an inventory management software system for BBF. The new software was deployed in mid-2015. We've been working closely with their management team since, doing quick development/deployment cycles for new modules and functions to meet the needs being generated by their rapid growth. This month, we deployed new updates that enhance the linkages between the inventory system and the accounting system, making the all-important year-end closing and audit process less time-consuming, and providing more options for data analysis and tracking.

October 2016

The New Christian Bible Study Project has become another longtime client for SkyMark, dating back more than 5 years now. This project is ambitious; on a limited budget, the clients want a top-tier Bible Study site. There's a lot of text to process, there are many languages involved. It's open-ended and has roller-coaster funding. So... there lots of interesting challenges for our designers and developers! Over the summer, one of our projects for this client was the development of a system to import texts, in many languages, and correctly identify and link all the Bible references, as well as cross-references to other theological works. Many of the source texts are old, and there are many different methods used by authors and printers for citing passages. We've dramatically reduced the amount of time needed to import a source document; testing suggests that it's 3-4 times as fast as it was prior to this deployment, saving roughly 25 man-hours per work. We think we can do even better, so we are working on another upgrade for that; more news on that front will be coming soon.

June 2016

We just built a nice little product configurator for UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc.. This tool allows customers and internal engineers to size and order Encore® 700 pumps that perfectly fit their required specifications.

May 2016

Completed a round of updates to the drawing and document management system we built for Duquesne University's Facilities Management Department.

May 2016

Finished the contracted work to build the inventory management system for Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF) and have moved into the maintenance and support phase of the project.

April 2016

We have been continuing our web development work for the New Christian Bible Study Project. Recent accomplishments include:

December 2015

Launched the Encore® Pump Sizer for models E, M, and S for UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc..

November 2015

The Western Finance Association successfully launched their new website and conference management application that we have been developing for them over the past 6 months. The paper submission deadline came and went with a record number of papers submitted and a very happy WFA team!

June 2015

Launched an updated and redesigned website for the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania.

June 2015

SkyMark has been building a new inventory management system the Brother's Brother Foundation (BBF), an outstanding charity that deploys used or surplus medical and humanitarian supplies and equipment to areas of need around the world. Brother's Brother is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and also has operations in northern Virginia. As BBF has grown, its need for a better inventory system has become more pressing. SkyMark was brought in to BBF by a CMU Tepper Business School team, originally, and - after evaluating several options - we've opted for a PHP/MySQL framework using rapid application development tools.

May 2015

We are working on a new project for a professional society that includes members from academia and the banking and finance fields. Each year, the group holds a global conference that features some 150 peer-reviewed papers, presentations, and discussions. The society wants to streamline the whole process of paper submission, review, selection, and organization. SkyMark has designed and is implementing a fully web-based process for this, and we are working closely with the client to make this membership/conference system a smooth, seamless operation that's well-suited to a decentralized global organization.

April 2015

The Swedenborg en Español Spanish-language website that we developed for the GCIC has gone live. It's a major update from its predecessor site. The site features books and articles by Helen Keller, Jorge Luis Borges, and others, as well as links to Swedenborg's works translated into Spanish.

November 2014

One multilingual Bible-oriented project has led to another. This one is smaller, but still interesting: a project to redo and expand a web site for Spanish-speaking readers of Emanuel Swedenborg's theological works. This one is being done in Wordpress, but it will have crosslinks to the New Christian Bible Study site.

June 2014

We're continuing the development work on the New Christian Bible Study Project. Our work to date has been well received, and our contracts have been extended by orders for further advances in functionality. In this project, our team is using a Linux/Apache/PostgreSQL/PHP stack, with Symfony and the Doctrine ORM. It's a multilingual project, and the requirements include the need for a responsive UI for use on smartphones and tablets. It's been an interesting project, giving us new respect for the world's Bible scholars and translators, and at the same time driving the development of our team's skill set in making web applications for global use.

March 2014

SkyMark is undertaking the development of a self-contained rotation tracking system for use in underground pipe-laying applications. It's a contract R&D project for a client, with demanding engineering constraints and a tight time-frame. We're building on the groundwork and some inertial navigation instruments that we used in developing the MineComms Mapper system.

April 2, 2013

SkyMark has been working on a Bible Study web application for the Pittsburgh New Church. We're all about web application development, and this project has provided a good set of challenges. The site now contains some 60 Bible translations, and commentary and theological works, linked artwork, and explanations of Bible stories, words, and topics. Update from May 1, 2013: The site's now ready for public use: (New Christian Bible Study).

January 2013

SkyMark's TrailMapper software and our custom-designed mine survey buggy/trailer were used by engineers from Virginia Tech's Center for Coal and Energy Research (VCCER) to complete extensive field data collection at mines in West Virginia. Survey results will be analyzed and used to help improve mine communications and location tracking, to support further enhancements to the safety of miners working underground.

January 25, 2012

SkyMark worked with the University of Memphis's Center for Research in Education Policy (CREP) to update and open new versions of two major survey modules: the Technology in Education Survey System which helps develop an understanding of the ways in which Tennessee schools are using technology, and the Private School Enrollment and Participation Survey, which tracks trends in Tennessee's 600+ private schools.

December 16, 2011

SkyMark's work on the development of an underground mine radio coverage mapping test system has moved to the second phase of development. Phase II will involve the production of location-aware mobile test units with signal detection and processing software, leading to underground testing later in 2012.

July 24, 2011

SkyMark has received a contract from the Pittsburgh New Church to spearhead the development of an online Bible Study web application. SkyMark had previously developed websites for the church, and its related school. Steve David, SkyMark's CEO, noted: "There are a lot of Bible Study sites on the web already. The Pittsburgh New Church wants to do something a little different - combining the literal text of the Bible in multiple languages and translations, with the Swedenborgian explanation of its meaning, both from Swedenborg's own publications and from more modern commentators. It's an interesting database challenge for us, and there's going to be a premium on user-friendliness, too, so it should be a fun, worthwhile project."

June 1, 2011

SkyMark has launched a new version of the mmp|BENCH benchmarking system for Childrens' Hospitals. Named the BENCH Exchange, the web application combines a content management system with a set of modules that help staff people at the member hospitals interact, collaborate, and compare data on outcomes and best practices."

November 22, 2010

SkyMark is teaming with a major US university to create a portable test bed and a standardized set of test procedures and modeling software for underground mine radio systems. Details of the project have not been released, but, according to Steve David, SkyMark's CEO, the project leverages SkyMark's earlier work on its MineComms Mapper™ system: "We're building the next generation of mine-capable communications test vehicles. They're going to be able to keep track of their whereabouts as they move around in a mine, while they log all the radio signals they can detect, across a wide range of communication protocols. It creates a unique ability for mines to do pre-installation and post-installation coverage surveys."

January 22, 2010

SkyMark's new MineComms Mapper™ system rolled in to action at Consol Energy's Enlow Fork Mine in West Finley, PA last week.

SkyMark was providing support to L3 Communications, as it was verifying the accuracy of its new TRU-TRACKER Precision Location System. The TRU-TRACKER system uses "reverse" radio frequency identification (RFID) to determine the real-time location of miners underground.

L3 needed accurate, independent location data to verify the estimated miner location data provided by their system. Tom Eldridge, Project Manager for L3, calls it "ground-truth." To get that ground-truth, he called SkyMark, and arranged for our engineers to bring a MineComms Mapper™ cart down to Enlow Fork for the survey.

SkyMark used the MineComms Mapper™ to survey over 5,000 ft. of entries where TRU-TRACKER tags had been placed, collecting 2,285 data samples. These data samples were then provided to L3 to compare with the data collected by their TRU-TRACKER system. The results of the verification study will be published in L3's final report to NIOSH.

The Enlow Fork Mine is one of the largest underground coal mines in the US, providing a large-scale environment to test the capabilities of the MineComms Mapper™. Laird Cooper, Product Engineer for SkyMark, said, "We were really happy with the location accuracy we were getting with the cart. We got precise scaling measurements from Paul Kelly, the Mine Engineer, calibrated the cart, and then just pulled it along, and it was right on target at each crosscut."

For futher information, please contact: Steve David, SkyMark Corporation. 412-371-0680.

August 20, 2009
SkyMark reported today that it had received a contract from, a Pittsburgh firm that is pioneering emergency communications systems for senior residential living communities. SkyMark will use its wireless network survey and design tools and experience to help Touchtown engineer and install its new low-power Zigbee device-based system, which uses mesh networking and advanced proprietary communications devices to provide a robust but user-friendly system.

July 31, 2009
SkyMark announced today that it had completed delivery of the first MineComms Mapper™ system to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The MineComms Mapper™ is a 3-wheeled "smart" trailer/cart that can be pulled around a mine. As it goes along, it detects the radio signals in the frequency band of choice, AND overlays it with accurate location data. The first unit was built as part of a contract with Helium Networks, Inc. a strategic partner of SkyMark's. In its final test runs, SkyMark conducted two surveys of the Safety Research Mine at Bruceton - one for measuring Wi-Fi 2.4GHz signal coverage, and one to test a Kutta DRUM medium frequency system. On the second tour, with the mine jeep towing a MineComms Mapper™ trailer, the system collected 2643 location points with matching RF data, covering a little over 3000 feet of entries, in about 19 minutes.

February 8, 2009
Duquense Mine Supply Company launched its new SkyMark-built website today. This Pittsburgh-based firm designs and manufactures DUKANE parts and tools for electrical locomotives and cranes. The DUKANE brand has been a longtime leader in US mining markets, and the company is expanding into Chile, Mexico and other countries where electrical haulage is being used. The new website address is

January 5, 2009
SkyMark completed work on a new web site for Underground Solutions, Inc. Underground Solutions is a Pittsburgh, PA and Poway, CA based company with a product that seems mundane: PVC water pipe. But, it's actually very exciting, very environmentally important, and it's making waves. :) PVC is a really good material for making water pipe - strong, durable, stable, and not too expensive. But, when you want to use it for pipelines, you had to use special expensive joint hardware, or else put up with leaky gasketed joints. Not any more! Underground Solutions has formulated a Fusible PVC compound that can be successfully butt-fused, to make a very strong, simple joint - allowing long, strong water pipes that act as though they are one piece. And now, they have excellent water pipe - they also have a really nice-looking, effective web site, if we do say so ourselves.

June 20, 2008
SkyMark finished work on phase one of the web site for the University of Memphis's Center for Research in Education Policy (CREP), one of the nation's top education research facilities. CREP has experienced dramatic growth over the past 5 years, as more and more attention has been focused on how to improve the nation's schools. CREP's research database, also developed and supported by SkyMark, contains nationwide survey and observation data over many years, giving the center a powerful basis for comparing the effectiveness of various methods and programs.

April 1, 2008
SkyMark announced today that the Center for Research in Education Policy had expanded its contract for using a SkyMark-built data collection system for evaluating Supplemental Education Services to 14 states in 2008. CREP, is part of the University of Memphis, and it has amassed one of the nation's largest research databases on school stakeholder perceptions, opinions, and practices.

March 7, 2008
SkyMark has been tapped as lead sub-contractor on a project to create a mine-wide communications verification system for NIOSH. Helium Networks, another Pittsburgh-based technology company, is the main contractor, and SkyMark will be providing a wide range of software design, prototyping and program management services.

September 14, 2007
SkyMark launched the next generation website today. COMPIO is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based executive coaching and team facilitation firm, led by Tracy Fuller. COMPIO has a strong track record of increasing innovation and creativity, and the new website features some free, simple but effective creativity tools - a sampling from over useful 200 tools in COMPIO's storehouse.

August 15, 2007
New Leaders for New Schools awarded a Phase 3 contract to SkyMark, for new enhancements to its standout admissions and recruiting software system. New Leaders has been chosen three years running as a winner of Fast Company/Monitor Group's Social Capitalist Awards for its outstanding work in finding and training high-quality principals for urban schools.

August 1, 2007
SkyMark announced that it had received a Phase IV development contract from Medical Management Planning Corp., the leading provider of benchmarking services to children's hospitals. In this development, MMP is launching its Core Measures of Quality data services to serve its benchmarking group. Each participating hospital needs to submit data on asthma and psychiatric quality of care to the Joint Commission, the body that accredits most hospitals nationwide.

June 8, 2007
SkyMark announced today that it has acquired all the rights to the Theseus Learning System from Knosis LLC. Theseus is a new software tool that helps people develop clear arguments, with optional prompts and guidance. SkyMark had been a strategic partner to Knosis for several years, helping to develop its software.

SKYMARK CEO Steve David said, "This acquisition makes a lot of sense for both companies. We make software tools that people use to plan, think, decide, and act. Theseus advances the art of logical thinking; it's a good fit for our toolbox. Knosis had targeted the education market with Theseus; we think there's a lot of potential there, and in other markets where people have to think for a living: lawyers, analysts, journalists, consultants, managers, designers and pretty much anyone else who has to think logically for a living."

October 15, 2006
Medical Management Planning Corp., a Washington-based provider of healthcare benchmarking services, has tapped SkyMark (again!) to automate the collection, processing and charting of ORYX performance indicator data for their BENCH group, which includes the foremost childrens' hospitals nationwide. SkyMark has been an MMP development partner for several years; this latest effort will save hospitals data processing time, and it will make comparative performance data available to hospitals right away, instead of the usual JCAHO turnaround time of 3-4 months.

July 1, 2006
SkyMark has been awarded a Phase II contract for the buildout of an online recruiting and admissions system for New Leaders for New Schools, the New York-based non-profit that is leading a nationwide effort to find and train great principals for urban schools.

June 24, 2006
Motiledge, a Pittsburgh-based start-up venture, has awarded a longterm development contract to SkyMark for the implementation of its mobile inspection system. SkyMark has a well-established expertise in database-driven web application development, but Steve David, SkyMark's CEO, noted that this was the company's first major commitment to the development of handheld applications. David said, "We are really excited to be working with Motiledge; they have a great concept, and we are pleased to have the chance to get more heavily into development of systems for mobile use. It adds to our capabilities, and will pave the way for handheld versions of ipathmaker and other SkyMark products.

May 28, 2006
Skematek, a provider of online construction document services to facilities managers, has chosen SkyMark to implement its next-generation web system. Phase I of the contract begins immediately, and an ongoing strategic partnership has been agreed.

October 11, 2005
SkyMark released Version 6.0 of its flagship PathMaker software today. The PathMaker 6.0 release focuses on team speed and ease of use. Project and team setup and communication have been streamlined. The new software also adds one-click exports of tools, e.g. outputting an affinity diagram into a Cause and Effect format, or generating an instant election from a set of ideas. Snapshots of tools can easily be saved to office applications, and document files and web resources can be saved in shared pathways.

August 3, 2005
Underground Solutions has contracted with SkyMark for building its extranet, for support of its rapidly growing network of strategic partners, pipe distributors, engineering firms, customers, suppliers and contractors.

July 21, 2005
New Leaders for New Schools has chosen SkyMark to provide two new systems that will be integrated with its ongoing web-based survey management system. One will be an online Recruiting and Admissions system, to allow NLNS to scale up its recruiting efforts towards its long-term national goals, and streamline its admissions process. The other system is a Management Information System that will support the New Leaders Community, facilitating coaching, mentoring, inter-leader communication, the support of best practices, and overall management of the program.

April 4, 2005
SkyMark has been selected to collaborate with the Center for Research in Education Policy at the University of Memphis and New Leaders for New Schools to provide a web-based survey, interview and data analysis system that will allow New Leaders for New Schools to test, validate and continuously improve its ambitious program to train new school principals.

December 23, 2004
SkyMark announced today that Quality Education Systems (QES), one of America's leading school improvement models, has extended its existing ipathmaker contract to include more schools at all three levels: elementary, middle, and high school. School leadership teams use ipathmaker over a three year period to work virtually with QES consultants on strategic planning, curriculum design, data collection and analysis. Steve David, SkyMark's President, noted that schools can communicate readily with their many stakeholders via ipathmaker, working not only with QES, but also with parents, community leaders, school boards, district and state level educators, and others, on a variety of school improvement efforts.

October 14, 2004
One of the world's leading suppliers of automotive components has released the results of an internal Six Sigma Black Belt study. The study compared teams that were equipped with PathMaker to teams that were not. In a study covering 16 comparable projects, PathMaker-equipped teams had a 59% reduction in time-to-impact, and a 70% reduction in overall project cycle time.

October 5, 2004
SkyMark and the Center for Research in Education Policy have agreed to work together on a Private School Perofrmance reporting system for the Tennessee Department of Education. The new software will be released in January 2005.

July 28, 2004
SkyMark received a contract from Grane Healthcare to design and develop a Patient Admission System for Grane's network of long-term care facilities. The first phase of the contract will provide a rapid decision support system for case managers.

July 15, 2004
SkyMark has been awarded another custom development contract with by Medical Management Planning Corp. SkyMark will be extending the BENCH Performance Suite, a web-based benchmarking system used by the nation's leading Childrens Hospitals.

April 2, 2004
SkyMark has received contracts to develop web survey, reporting and data analyis systems for Professional Development, Paraprofessional Development, and Performance Reporting for Tennessee's Department of Education. SkyMark will be working with the Center for Research in Education Policy at the University of Memphis. The state's 60,000+ teachers will be using the SkyMark-developed system.

November 24, 2003
SkyMark has been awarded a set of project contracts with the Center for Research in Education Policy at the University of Memphis. The two organizations will work together to produce a full set of web-based surveys for schools, with advanced data analysis and reporting. The No Child Left Behind Act has made the Center's proven paper-based surveys of vital importance, since educators need to gather better data on what really works in schools. SkyMark has already helped the Center with database management and survey design systems, and these contracts represent a major expansion of an existing productive relationship.

August 5, 2003
SkyMark has been awarded a Phase 2 development contract by Medical Management Planning Corp. for an extended web-based system for pediatric healthcare benchmarking. The application will help participating children's hospitals to mine data, to easily see areas where they lead or lag their peers, and to learn rapidly from each other to improve care.

August 5, 2003
SkyMark released PathMaker 5.5 for Windows. According to Xia Jun, SkyMark's Vice-President for R&D, PathMaker 5.5 includes a worthwhile set of small feature additions, fixes, and improvements. Mr. Xia said, "PathMaker 5.0 was a major milestone - a powerful, feature-rich, stable, friendly package. PathMaker 6.0 will be out this fall, and it will include some major new tools and functions. PathMaker 5.5 is in between. It doesn't break new ground, but it is full of little things that customers have been asking for, and will like very much. We wanted to bring it out now, to get the best software to our customers as soon as possible. I highly recommend it."

July 24, 2003
One of SkyMark's licensees, Knosis LLC, launched its Argutect 3.0 software today. SkyMark did the development of Argutect 3.0 under contract from Knosis. The new product includes a unique LogicScope function, which helps users examine and improve the logic of their thinking. Argutect takes computer-aided thinking to a new level.

May 16, 2003
SkyMark reached agreement with NileSoft International, a Cairo-based software firm, under which SkyMark's fast-growing projects group can tap into offshore development resources as needed. NileSoft is the Borland distributor for Egypt, an Oracle and Microsoft partner, and has a rapidly growing development team, currently 80 developers strong. Steve David, SkyMark's CEO, says that the agreement gives SkyMark an increased capacity to handle large projects. "We're going to have ready access to a pool of highly skilled developers next door to Europe, with a low-cost environment. Their software development methods are of a very high standard, and they have a strong track record. They can help us with projects anywhere, and if we need Arabization services for our push into service, education and healthcare segments in the Middle East, they can help with that, too." Under the terms of the agreement, NileSoft will also be a reseller of SkyMark's PathMaker and ipathmaker software.

May 15, 2003
SkyMark announced a new distribution agreement with Analyst House Co. Ltd, a Riyadh-based software firm. Analyst House is already the Borland distributor for Saudi Arabia, and SkyMark's PathMaker and ipathmaker products will fit well with Borland's fresh focus on process improvement in software development. Analyst House's mission is to bring and create best-of-breed technical solutions for the Saudi market, where the growing number of large enterprises is creating demand for cutting-edge management solutions. Mohammed Joudeh, Sales Manager for Analyst House, said, "We're excited to be adding the PathMaker and ipathmaker solutions to our product line. There's a big need for good planning and quality tools in our market, and we now have the best offering."

May 1, 2003: SkyMark announced a partnership deal with Nobel Mantrich Co. Ltd., an international strategic planning and change management consultancy based in Valletta, Malta. Under the terms of the agreement, Nobel Mantrich will be able to offer SkyMark's PathMaker and ipathmaker products to its clientele, and SkyMark will rely on Nobel Mantrich's consultants for product support and training in the Mediterranean, Europe and the Middle East. Martin Testa, Managing Director of Nobel Mantrich, said, "We have liked SkyMark's philosophy and products for a long time; there's a very good fit with our own methods. Our customers tend to be in manufacturing, banking, and telecom - and they can all benefit from the planning and process improvement capabilities of SkyMark's software."

March 21, 2003: SkyMark has been awarded a development contract by the Center for Research in Education Policy, an education-improvement think-tank arm of the University of Memphis. SkyMark will enhance the data warehousing capabilities of the Center, and automate some of the Center's extensive school-survey capabilities. Steve David, SkyMark's CEO, said, "This is a neat project. The Center has a large store of data that can be brought to bear on education policy-making decisions. Our job is to bring together the data, provide ready access to it to the Center's analysts and school leaders, and ultimately make it easier to improve schooling across the US. We'll be able to show what works, and what doesn't."

March 18, 2003: SkyMark has been awarded a development contract by Medical Management Planning Corp, a Seattle-based consulting firm whose focus is on improving pediatric health care. SkyMark will build a database of quality and performance indicators, with historical data from between 20 and 30 large independent childrens' hospitals. An advanced interface will allow data mining and exploration of best practices, and support extensive information sharing between hospitals as they work through performance improvement projects remotely. MMP and SkyMark have already been working together for over a year, using SkyMark's ipathmaker web application.

January 30, 2003: SkyMark announced the release of PathMaker 5.0 for Windows.There are some 1200 new features and fixes in PathMaker 5. There's a new comparison chart tool, a QFD matrix, a Strategic Initiatives Grid, a Critical-to-Quality Matrix, enhanced formulas in Data Analyst and Forms, robust real-time collaboration and improved interoperability with common office applications.

January 2, 2003
SkyMark management announced record annual sales for 2002, after another year of strong growth. SkyMark CEO, Steve David, said that the company had seen 70% sales growth since 2001, despite the flat economy, and that new product introductions should spur continued growth in 2003. The company's new ipathmaker web software is off to a strong start, and its PathMaker 5 release is due this month. SkyMark is expecting to show an operating profit for 2002 despite its continued heavy investments in product development. The company is a privately held firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

October, 2002
SkyMark's ipathmaker software was adopted as the standard project management, planning and team support framework for the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative, a collaborative effort by the hospitals in and around Pittsburgh to reduce medication errors and increase patient safety.

July 1, 2002
SkyMark and Medical Management Planning Inc. (MMP)announce a major contract for SkyMark's new web-based performance improvement system, MMP, a leading healthcare consulting group with offices in the Seattle and Los Angeles areas, coordinates a project in which over 20 children's hospitals nationwide work together to improve care. The effort has been slowed by the difficulties of getting the hospital staffers together to share ideas and plan changes, especially with travel restricted by tight budgets. SkyMark's web-based system was chosen because it supplied the infrastructure for collaboration, plus powerful tools for team data collection, creative thinking, and decision-making. The hospitals had been pilot-testing the system since the beginning of the year, and initiated the contract in their new budget year, beginning today.

June 20, 2002
SkyMark and Minitab Inc. (State College, PA) agree to a licensing and co-development agreement. The two companies are teaming up to develop a new software package, the Minitab Quality Companion. Under the agreement, SkyMark will license some of its PathMaker code to Minitab, and the two parties will co-develop a new package with an advanced version of SkyMark's tools. SkyMark will receive both cash payments and royalties in undisclosed amounts. Steve David, SkyMark CEO, said, "We're really excited to be working with Minitab on this project. They've got the leading statistics software for quality improvement, and our team thinking and decision-making tools are an ideal fit. It vindicates our hard work, and - though it won't have our label on it - our tools will be even more widely used at the world's top companies."

March 22, 2002
SkyMark and Knosis LLC, both Pittsburgh-based software companies, reached an agreement to co-develop a software package for thought design and argument mapping. The planned product will build on existing SkyMark code from its flagship PathMaker software, with substantial extensions to the brainstorming and tree diagramming tools. User testing will be ongoing through the summer, with a software release planned for late in the second quarter. SkyMark will take an equity stake in Knosis, and will receive royalties from sales of the planned product.

February 18, 2002
PathMaker 4.0 for Windows is released. The new software includes a Bubble Chart tool, designed to help track the performance of multiple people or processes over time. One frequent use will be in classrooms, where teachers want to plot test scores week by week, to see if the teaching is effective. Another new feature is the SpellChecker, a 3rd party component from WinterTree Software. PathMaker 4.0 also adds new templates for forms, data analysts, cause and effect diagrams and pathways, and many other improvements. Download upgrades and new free trials today.

November 28, 2001
PathMaker Reader, a new free reader PathMaker 3.0, is released. Now licensed PathMaker users can give unlicensed users read-only access to project files. It's a great solution for publishing project results that the whole team can read, even if not everyone has a PathMaker license. Download the Free Reader version from this site.

September 24, 2001
SkyMark unveils, its new web-based application for team collaboration, planning, problem-solving and process improvement. Please visit: to check it out.

September 6, 2001
SkyMark released PathMaker 3.0.1, a service pack release for the PathMaker 3.0 product.

July 3, 2001
PathMaker 3.0 was released. It is a new enterprise version of the PathMaker software series, with more than 600 improvements, including the much-in-demand charting features we've been promising. Now you can add annotations, lines, and pictures to your charts. You can change chart colors, backgrounds, marker sizes and shapes, line weights and colors, label spacing on axes, 3D angles and more. You can even autofill dates, add formulas, and link to databases. There's a new tool, for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, and everything is faster, tighter, and easier to use. Who should get it? Every PathMaker user. It's that good.

December 10, 2000
SkyMark announces the release of its PathMaker 2.5 software. For the first time, people, working in teams, can use all the core tools of process improvement in real time across networks. No one else offers this strong a combination of a collaborative platform and key management tools.

October 31, 2000
SkyMark announces the successful testing of its PathMaker 2.5 software over the Internet. Users will be able to use a hosted version of PathMaker inside their web browser, using Citrix software to push the application over the web. Performance is good, even over a dial-up connection, making this the most powerful suite of tools for remote web-based collaboration on the market. The application is ideal for supporting projects that cross company or organization lines, since security and access are handled by the ASP. The commercial release of this service will be ready before the end of the calendar year.

October 7, 2000
PathMaker II Version 2.5 Beta 2 is posted for public beta testing. This version not only has the full multi-user capability on all the essential quality and management tools; it is also much faster, and requires less resources than its predecessors. Team members can now collaborate in real time of LAN's, WAN's and VPN's.

July 31, 2000
PathMaker II Version 2.5 Beta 1 is released.

April 12, 2000
PathMaker II Version 2.09 is released. Customers and free-trialers should update their software to the latest version, to get the benefit of the latest improvements. Anthony Frayling, SkyMark's Director of R&D, said "In 2.09, we've been focusing on making it easier for new users to get started. Some users were getting confused by the new interface in PathMaker II; we've listened to the questions we've been getting, and we've made some design changes which will help make the program friendlier."

March 31, 2000
SkyMark announces record first quarter sales. A growing network of consultants and distributors, and the compelling new features of PathMaker II combined to show revenue growth of 240% from the first quarter of 1999.

March 7, 2000
PathMaker 2.08 and its corresponding Service Pack are now available for download.

February 15, 2000
A patch for PathMaker II has been posted that prevents the Slide Show tool from crashing if Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later is not your default browser. If you have Internet Explorer 3.0 or earlier, or Netscape Navigator or Communicator, set as you default browser please download the patch in our Updates Section.

As with any new software release, we have done our best to detect and correct any bugs that may be in the software. However, there are always some things that slip by testers. If you notice a bug, please let us know about it so that we can take care of it and correct the problem as quickly as possible.

February 8, 2000
Finally PathMaker II is available to the general public. This version offers numerous improvements over the old version. The best way to experience it is to request a free trial and explore the new options yourself. If you've been here recently, you'll also notice our new site design. Please let us know what you think about it.

December 21, 1999
We've developed two new ways to assist our distributors and resellers on the web by ensuring we know that they were referred by you, and thus ensuring you get the credit you deserve on purchases made by your referrals. If you would like to become a distributor or re-seller of PathMaker, drop us a line and we'll work out the details.

December 9, 1999
With all the press being generated over the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report that scolded the American medical community for making "preventable mistakes" that lead to "44,000 to 98,000" deaths a year, we've added Health Care to our list of ways that PathMaker can be used. Granted, it's more specific than our other examples, but in this case we feel it's appropriate. Read the article or see who's using PathMaker already in the health care industry.

December 6, 1999
Welcome to the newest version of SkyMark's web site. We've redesigned it to make navigating easier than ever. Please check back often as we continue to update the content in order to make your management resource home on the web. Tell us what you think about the new design.