i pathmaker is the best way to work over the web. It gives you all the tools you need for fast, effective teamwork.

It's an interconnected world. You need to work with your customers, your suppliers, your consultants, and accountants, and attorneys, and other people outside your firewall. You need to gather the right people, plan, make decisions, take actions, and monitor results. ipathmaker gives you the serious business tools, for rapid projects, high-performing teams, clear thinking and secure records.

You don't need to install anything. The only thing you need is a supported internet browser. We take care of the security, the storage, the updates... you can focus on getting things done.

i pathmaker's easy to learn. We've given it a similar interface to the desktop applications that you're already familiar with. There's good online help, and technical support is free.

i pathmaker is well worth your time. It's going to help you do better work, especially with people who are outside your firewall. It's going to save you money, too -- it's far far cheaper than slow projects, or miscommunications, or airfares, hotels, rental cars, and get the idea.

i pathmaker... It's the 21st century way to work.

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