Consensus Builder Tool: Making Decisions

The consensus builder tool helps teams reach decisions through discussion and voting. This process ensures that everyone's voice is heard, candidates are carefully evaluated, and a fair decision is made. The tool offers rapid voting, anonymity, quick overall tallies, and graphs of results. To facilitate discussion and ensure an informed vote, ipathmaker lets you record discussion notes for each candidate.

The ipathmaker consensus builder lets you use two methods of voting:

Multivoting lets you narrow down a long list of candidates. Each team member can vote for a fixed number of candidates by casting a ballot.

Rating is good for picking a single candidate from a shorter list. As a team, you can pick criteria to rate the candidates against. Individual team members vote on well each candidate meets each criterion.

When all ballots are cast, your team can summarize the results, sort candidates by totals, and graph the data.

ipathmaker's web based Consensus Builder software tool is pictured here. Users can set up ballots with candidates, and criteria, or choose between multivoting and rating votes.

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