SkyMark's Recruiting, Selection, Coaching, Mentoring Framework is a system that jumpstarts the development of a custom application for:

It can be readily combined with our Survey System Framework, too, to allow all parties to provide feedback on the process, to register opinions and suggestions for improvement, and to flexibly assess any/all of the parties.

The software is implemented currently as a Java/JSP web application, running against a SQL database.

Suggested applications are in colleges, schools, personnel departments, placement offices, athletic programs, and business training/organization development programs.

Recruiting and Admissions - New Leaders for New Schools

Project Highlight: New Leaders for New Schools

Here is an example web page from our recruitment and admissions framework. This instance is for New Leaders for New Schools, a large non-profit whose mission is to recruit and train the next generation of outstanding school principals. The image shows a page from their extensive online application form.