Would you like your website to bring in more business?

In times like these, most of us would. Would you like it to qualify your sales leads? Probably. Help with customer service? SkyMark's Website Foundry team makes sure that you get a site that really does what you want it to do - make money, win friends, reach new markets - the things that make your organization hum.

Want a cookie-cutter site? No. Want to pay for a scratch-built one? No. Neither would we.

So, our Website Foundry is built so we can tap into a common library of code, and use our building blocks to make custom websites quickly. This creates a "sweet spot": you get exactly what you want, built from tested, clean, cross-browser chunks of code, and it doesn't cost too much.

Do you want to work fast?

We can do that. We have tools that help you think your way quickly through the design process. Simplicity helps, too: The sites we make tend to be straightforward, nice looking, and easy to navigate. If you need something special, we have some outstanding writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers in our talent pool - and we can bring them in virtually. We tend to be one of the low bidders on client projects, because we're efficient, we work fast, and we don't reinvent wheels. The bottom line: we offer hard-working sites for fair prices. Call us for a free quick-consult and estimate.

Features and Services:

Responsive Design

  • One design which adapts to all viewing platforms
  • Fluid layouts, relatively sized elements
  • Ideal viewing experience across desktops, tablets and mobile screens

Search Engine Optimization

  • Meta-tagging: keywords, titles, descriptions
  • Targeted content writing
  • Search engine submission
  • Visitor tracking statistics

Online Shops

  • List and sell products
  • Accept secure payments

Content Management Systems

  • Option: Maintain your own site
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • WordPress, Concrete5, your choice

Links to Other Applications

  • Link your site to CRM, ERP, accounting systems and more.

Graphic Design

  • Company logos and branding
  • Website layouts
  • Color schemes and typography
  • Videos, animations


  • Online ad campaigns
  • Social networking
  • Content development
  • Brochures, bus. cards, letterhead

Additional Enhancements

  • Interactive calendars
  • Online forms
  • Email marketing
  • Live chat attendant
  • Database connectivity