PathMaker: The Ultimate Improvement Software

Every great management method of the past century relies on a common set of tools. We built those tools into PathMaker. You can use it for: Everything you want to know about PathMaker...

Bottom-line results
PathMaker works online or offline, in and out of meetings. You don't have to find a time when people can all assemble in one room; just log into the project, see the latest changes, and make your own updates.
  • Brainstorm together online.
  • Flowchart together.
  • Create charts and graphs together.
  • Slash meeting time.
  • Analyze problems.
  • Track progress and indicators.
  • Think of solutions.
  • Accelerate your projects.
  • Drive out paper.
Tools! Everything's in one place.
You've seen these tools in training. You've used them in meeting rooms. Now they're in software!

Tools for creative thinking: brainstorm tool

Tools for analytical thinking:

"We use PathMaker for our Process Improvement Program and have implemented an SPC program which has reduced our process cycle times by 25-50%. Also use for our organizational Strategic Planning process. Great tools for many business applications."

John Heinrich, Chief Engineer, BPI Office, Camp Zama, Japan

Tools for making good decisions:
Tools for analyzing, monitoring, and collecting data: pareto chart

Tools for running fast projects and effective meetings: metting agenta tool

Tools for just-in-time learning: