The Bottom Line: What return can you expect on your PathMaker investment?

You'll see benefits from four main areas: (1) better results from improvement projects, (2) faster implementation of changes, (3) time savings from reduced project cycle times, and (4) time savings from more efficient meetings and reduced oversight requirements. All four areas are very substantial.

  1. Download an Excel worksheet template that helps you do a Cost/Benefit Analysis for your organization.

  2. One recent service sector customer described the benefits their organization found in using PathMaker.

  3. A major automotive customer reported these savings after just eight months of using PathMaker for safety improvement projects:

    • A 95% reduction in Workers Compensation Expense.

    • A 23% reduction in Total # of Workers Compensation Claims:

    • A 64% improvement Total # of Lost and Restricted Workdays:

    • They tell us that they are now projecting a tangible ROI of over 800% in the first year alone.