With PathMaker's full-featured flowchart tool, you can easily create process flow diagrams and relations diagrams. You get the set of ANSI standard symbols recommended by Dr. Juran: rectangle, circle, oval, diamond, and delay. We've added a cloud symbol, which we use to indicate a step where we're not sure what exactly is going on. Users have control over fonts, colors, connection styles, and text alignment. Shapes can be automatically resized to fit text, automatically aligned, evenly spaced, snapped to a grid, zoomed, and all made to grow proportionally.

PathMaker's Flowchart tool does not include 5 MB of clip art, 4000 shapes, or templates for home interior design. It does, however, give you an easy learning curve, and a very rapid shape creation, labeling and connecting method. This tool is very well suited to live use in a team setting, and compares favorably to more expensive single-tool packages.

PathMaker's flowchart software tool is pictured here. Users can quickly construct process flow diagrams, process maps, or mindmaps.

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