At the heart of PathMaker lies the unique Project Pathway, the clearinghouse or roadmap for all project information. In this one window, you can construct a pathway, track progress towards goals, launch tools, slide shows, forms and agendas, and show project highlights.

The Pathway defines the steps required to implement a project. Each step being associated with one of PathMaker's tools, or with a document, spreadsheet or other file from another program. All the information generated by the tools on a single Pathway is saved in a single file, so you don't have to worry about tracking many files, possibly in different folders.

After you add a step to the Pathway, a line appears with a description and a "launch" button which is used to activate the tool associated with the step. After you carry out the activity related to the step, you can return to the Pathway and add another step. Alternatively, you can add several steps to the Pathway at once and "launch" the tools at random. You can even construct and store template Pathways for your company's typical projects, e.g. the "XYZ Company's Problem-Solving Method".

The Pathway can save you an enormous amount of time. Team leaders, facilitators, steering committees, team members - all can bring up a project file, review the latest progress, refer to old work, or add new data. You can say good-bye and good riddance to messy flipcharts, tedious reports, lost documents, and floundering teams...when you say hello to PathMaker.