Brainstorm and Affinity Diagram Tool

PathMaker's brainstorming and affinity diagramming software tool combines two important creative processes in a split window. The brainstorm tool permits easy recording of creative ideas that answer a central question. This tool's design, based on the classic brainstorming method invented by Alex Osborne, allows the team recorder to keep pace with group thinking. Using a "drag and drop" technique, ideas can then be rapidly sorted into affinity sets, or groups, in the affinity diagram (also known as the "KJ" diagram after its creator, Kawakita Jiro).

Like the brainstorm, affinity groups can grow to accommodate any number of ideas. All ideas are editable, as are the central question and affinity set headers. You can collapse and expand affinity sets, and slide the central splitter bar right and left. Data from this tool may be used to start a Cause and Effect Diagram or for voting in the Consensus Builder.

The Brainstorm and Affinity Diagram screenshot shows these creativity tools in use in our PathMaker software.

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