You can schedule team meetings right on the Project Pathway by placing meeting brackets and stretching them to include the steps you want to cover. When you do this, an agenda is automatically created, which includes the designated steps and a list of attendees.

The agenda is accessible with a click of a button, and most of it is editable, including time, location, meeting duties and topics. A finished agenda is easily printed for distribution. You have complete control over fonts, colors, column widths, row heights, adding extra rows and columns, adding agenda items which are beyond PathMaker's compass, etc.

During a meeting, you can launch tools just as you would from the Pathway and record discussion points, decisions and action items, turning your agenda into electronic minutes, which are automatically saved with the project. This can save time in two ways: first, no one has to transcribe notes of a meeting, and second, there is no time lag before team members get to see minutes. It's not even necessary to publish minutes on paper. Networked team members can simply pull up the file, and preview agendas or minutes at their convenience.

The meeting agenda software tool allows the team to embed other tools for live use in the meeting. Here's a screenshot.

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