Company and Product Strategy Consulting

One of the major areas of our consulting is helping companies rapidly develop strategic plans and initiatives.

Strategic planning is tough. It's also fun, interesting, and sometimes inspiring. But inevitably, it gets down to making decisions in the face of many unknowns, and then implementing the plans.

Here are some key ideas from our experience:

  • Strategies need to be real - what a company really wants, in its heart of hearts, to accomplish. If you say you have a strategy but it isn't REALLY your strategy, it won't work.

  • Strategies need to be alive - and to us, that means they should ideally be presented in software - broken out into initiatives, and actions, so they can be kept up to date, shared, and adjusted. If you have a strategy, and you create a plan document, and everyone reads it and files it, and there's no way to integrate it into the daily work life of employees - then it has little real influence.

  • Strategies need to be able to change as circumstances change. This is kind of obvious, but… have you ever seen companies, for example, introduce new big trucks in a time of rising gasoline prices? So, strategists need to be looking out ahead, peering into whatever crystal balls there are, and iterating through planning cycles often enough to enable the company to make the right moves.

  • The key tools for strategic planning have a strong overlap with the strategic tools for process improvement. In both cases, you want to be able to think analytically and creatively, to have structured discussions, to be able to reach consensus, evaluate pros and cons, or driving and restraining forces, and to look at historical data for trends and patterns.

SkyMark's strategic planning consultants will help you get where you want to go, quickly, efficiently, and with a framework that keeps your plan alive, adaptable, and infused into daily work throughout your organization.

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