Critical Thinking: Consulting, Training and Tools

The amount of information is exploding. It's a good thing, and a bad thing: Good, because we can get at loads of information quickly, and bad, because we have so much to sift through and make sense of.

So, we need critical thinking skills like never before. We need to be able to:

  • Take in large quantities of data,
  • Filter out the noise and misinformation,
  • Accurately assess the valuable ideas,
  • Clarify our conclusions
  • Make good decisions, and
  • Communicate persuasively.

SkyMark's Critical Thinking product family helps you acquire the thinking skills needed to excel in today's information-rich environments. We train the trainor, helping educators and training professionals impart these skills. If you or your organization needs to create a culture of open, critical inquiry, give us a call: we can probably help!

We develop interactive software, printed curricula, and workshops that teach critical thinking. All our offerings are based on a unique system that empowers people to combat overload, attain clarity, command attention, and communicate with power. This system is firmly based on the sciences of human cognition, and includes:

  • A methodology that helps you break down complex thinking jobs into a series of simple, familiar steps; and
  • An intuitive software "thought processor" that lets you visualize the logic of complex idea sets.

Consulting Services

SkyMark helps companies in two primary ways:

  1. By designing and/or delivering courses of instruction in critical thinking for employees.
  2. By helping organizations work through difficult problems using critical thinking.

Workshops and Presentations

Our experts are available to conduct workshops and presentations on critical thinking (and related topics) to any professional or academic audience. Let us know how we can help, and we'll deliver a dynamic learning experience to suit your organization's needs!

Workshops and courses include:

Using Pictures to Teach Writing: How Thought Maps Improve Communication Skills

An exciting new approach to teaching writing has kids diagram their arguments before they begin crafting prose. This fun, visually appealing strategy takes dauntingly complex thought processes and breaks them down into simple elements. Kids learn how to clarify their ideas and present them for the way people think. A great way to get kids ready for the new SAT--and college!

The New SAT and Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum

Critical thinking skills are more important than ever. The new SAT test puts a premium on critical thinking, and increasingly, the work-world does too. This workshop will teach participants how they can develop these important life skills at home, and have fun at the same time!

Command Attention. Communicate with Power

Ideas only make a difference when they are presented in a way that people can hear. At the same time, informational complexity makes it harder than ever to be heard. In this course, you will learn how to present your ideas so they rise above the noise, command attention, and move people to action.

Structured Thinking / Applied Logic

The principles of structured thinking and communication have helped the world's most successful management consulting firms deliver compelling solutions for over 30 years. This time-tested approach will enhance the persuasive impact of your presentations, proposals and reports, improving win rate and customer retention.

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