Conference Management

We make cloud-based systems that help people organize and run conferences, too. These systems are often related to associations, too, and paired with their membership or journal management systems. The typical functions include:

  • Calls for papers
  • The review and selection of papers by conference chairs or committees
  • The planning of tracks, sessions, and schedules.
  • Managing locations, venues, rooms, virtual links, and support services.
  • Conference registrations, financial transactions, tax compliance.
  • Email support, with templates, bulk email sending, transaction emails, and GDPR compliance.
  • Real-time conference website dashboard, search, pre-starring sessions, downloadable papers.
  • Automatic generation and archiving of conference programs.

Project Hightlight: Western Finance Association

A view of the conference management application we built for the Western Finance Association

(Here's a view showing the WFA's conference program page. The conference page gives attendees the ability to explore the program's sessions and read individual papers. Users can browse, search, and filter to easily find what interests them, and then bookmark sessions that they want to remember to attend.)