Watch PathMaker in action and learn to use some of the PathMaker features by watching these videos.

To watch these videos you need to have the free Flash player from Macromedia installed.

Video Tutorials

  • 1. Using the Pathway: Learn how to insert new tools into the pathway.
  • 2. Brainstorm: See how the Brainstorm tool works.
  • 3. Cause and Effect: Watch the Cause and Effect tool in action.
  • 4. Consensus Builder: Reach group decisions efficiently using the Consensus Builder.
  • 5. Data Analyst: Analyze data quickly with the Data Analyst.
  • 6. Discussions: Talk to team members easily with the Discussion tool.
  • 7. Flow Chart: Chart a process quickly with the Flow Chart.
  • 8. Force Field Analysis: Visually represent forces acting on a project.
  • 9. Forms: Use forms to perform a variety of functions.
  • 10. Meetings: Organize and hold meetings quickly and easily.
  • 11. Other Tools: Learn about other tools that are part of PathMaker.